Natural makeup at Bobbi Browns

Earlier this week I got the opportunity to get my makeup done at Bobbi Brown at Illum in Copenhagen thanks to Madison.  They taught me so many great tips that I just had to share with all you guys!

I was greeted by 3 makeup artists that all was so sweet. They told me that they wanted to do a natural teen makeup look but I am sure that the look would work for anyone who wants a natural look.

The makeup artist that was doing my makeup was named Sheemaa. He started by applying a tinted moisturizer since my skin doesn’t need as much coverage as a foundation would give. It also feels much lighter on the skin which is great in the summertime. The tinted moisturizer that he used on me was the nude finish tinted moisturizer in the shade light tint (haven’t got that tan yet haha).

As for concealer he used the Instant Full Cover Concealer in warm ivory. Normally I have a lot of blue tones under my eyes but this completely covered it up which I really liked. Of course, he used a powder to set all the products. He then contoured my cheeks but only a tiny bit. For blush he actually used a lipstick which made it look very natural. He used the Crushed Lip Color in the shade Baby.  He used the same lipstick for my lips. In that way, it looks more natural which is the keyword for this look.

When they asked me which feature that I wanted to focus on I said my eyes which he definitely did. On my eyes he used my favorite product of the whole look: the Long-Wear sparkle stick in the color Molten Bronze. I think that the color is absolutely beautiful and the fact that it is a stick eyeshadow makes it looks much more natural.


He also applied the Ink liner to make my eyes the focus point of the look. He finished off the look with the smokey eye mascara. My eyelashes are pretty long but not curly at all. No matter much I try to curl them with my eyelash curler does it only last 5 minutes. Somehow he managed to make them curly and it lasted all day. I don’t know if it was the mascara or the technique he used to apply it but curley they were.

Last but definitely not least he did my eyebrows. He used the Perfectly Defined Long-wear Brow Pencil in Grey to fill in my eyebrows which I think that he did perfectly. And it looks like the rest of Copenhagen did too because I got so many compliments on them even from people that I didn’t even know.

Thank you so much to Bobbi Brown for having me and to Madison for the opportunity. I definitely picked up on some tips that I will start using in my everyday makeup routine.

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