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Spring is almost here which usually means that it keeps getting warmer and warmer. However this is not the case in Denmark where it currently is -15°C (5°F) and it basically is a suicide mission to go outside. So I am planning on spending the day inside with a hot cup of tea. One thing that always have helped me through a cold winter is to think about all the warm places that I want to visit. This is some of my favorites:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If I had to choose one place that I would want to travel to right now it would be Rio. Rio have been on the top of the list of places that I want to visit for as long as I can remember. It just looks so bright and colorful with the beautiful, blue sea and their famous carnival.



I actually visited Caribbean a long time ago. I was much younger then so I don´t remember a lot but what I do remember is the beautiful beaches, the tropical fruits and the nature. It was definitely the best holiday that I have ever been on in my life and I can´t wait to go back.



Hawaii, USA

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When most people talk about how much they want to visit USA they usually mean Los Angeles or New York. When I talk about how much I want to visit USA I mean Hawaii. I want to drink from a hawaiian coconut, see the tropical nature and swim in the beautiful ocean.



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Beautiful beaches with the clearest, blue water that I have ever seen in my life. I don´t know about you but the Maldives looks like paradise to me.


Phucket, Thailand

Another country that I already have visited but have to go back to. I visited in the rain season which resulted in me spending a lot of time inside in my hotel room so I have to plan it better next time I visit so that I can go snorkeling and see the beautiful fish and sea turtles.


Which countries do you want to visit?

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