Back to school essentials

Summer is almost over and we all know what that means: it is time to go back to school. Of course, it is different from country to country when they go back to school but I think that the most common time is somewhere in August. You might already have started school but it is never too late to look for cute school supplies. And if you haven’t started school yet you might want to check out some of my back to school essentials:


First thing first, you gotta have a backpack. I like pretty simple designs like these but there are so many backpacks on the marked that I am sure that you will find one that you like.

Pencil case

Of course, you also have to have a pencil case. Personally, I like to use makeup bags as my pencil case since I think that they are much cuter.


Writing notes can be a killer but I always find it more motivational if I am writing in a beautiful notebook like one of these.

Writing/math tools

Probably the most essential category of them all: the tools. I am not a fan of regular highlighters since the extreme color always ends up distracting me. That is why I prefer to use pastel colors instead. Pencils and erasers are a must and these motivational pencils will leave you with a smile on your face when you are using them.


Water bottle

We all know that it is important to stay hydrated and it makes it so much easier if you have a cute water bottle

What are some of your guys back to school essentials?

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