How to stay fit while traveling

Keeping a healthy lifestyle while traveling can be a struggle. Both because it can be hard to find time to exercise and finding healthy food isn’t always easy. If you are one of those people that want to stay healthy while traveling these tips might help you:

Bring your own food to the plane

Already before arriving you have the first problem: the plane food. The food that they serve on planes is really not that healthy. They tend to be really salty and with the dry air in the plane, it is a combination made in hell (especially for your skin). That is why I recommend bringing your own food before going on the plane. The airport usually has a few healthy options but if you want to be on the safe side you can always bring something from home. Either way, I am sure that it is much healthier than the food that you would get on the plane.

Go for a run (or walk)

My absolute favorite way to exercise while I am traveling is to go for a run. It is kind of a two in one for me. I both get to see some of the neighborhood that I am staying at and I get to exercise. If you aren’t much of a runner you can always go for a walk instead. Maybe you even get to meet some of the locals.

Always bring snacks

Let’s be honest. Most of the food near tourist attractions is fast food which is obviously not healthy. That is why you should always bring snacks. In that way, you always have something healthy with you that you can eat until you find something healthier. If you need inspiration to some healthier snacks you can check out my guide to healthy snacks.

Pack light fitness equipment

Nowadays most hotels have a gym but if yours don’t you can always bring your own equipment. Of course, you can’t bring big machines but there should be room for a resistant band or a jumping rope in your suitcase.


Ditch the car

I know that this is not always possible. I used to think that it was stupid that everyone in LA always drove their car everywhere but when I went there myself I suddenly understood why. It is basically impossible not to if you want to get around. But if you are going to a place like Denmark it is actually easier to get around by bike. And it is easy to rent them too. Another way to get around is to walk. Or even use public transportation. You might not think that taking public transportation burns a lot more calories than driving a car but it actually does. And in the end, all of these suggestions are cheaper than renting a car.

Plan ahead

Each morning before heading out the door you should check out which restaurants and cafes that are near the location that you will be staying at. It does take a little more time but in the end, you will be sure that you don’t have to walk around for hours trying to find a healthy place to eat.

What do you guys do to stay healthy when you are traveling?

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