Tips For Your First Trip Abroad

Planning your first trip overseas can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. When planning my first trip, I was overwhelmed with all the tedious details I neglected to think about, which left me in a panic as my departure date got closer. That’s why I thought I would share some important tips for you first timers!

Plan your main destinations

I am all for spontaneity, but having a general idea of where you want to go on your trip is key. I like to pick the main destinations I plan on visiting – this way I can establish a solid route and plan my transportation as needed. Typically things change once I arrive. Stumbling across uncharted cities or towns will tend to happen, and can throw your plans off course but a general idea of the places you want to visit is key when getting started!

Pick must do activities

Choosing the sights you want to see, or activities your wish to do really help create the bigger picture for your trip and plans! There are tons of websites and resources outlining tours throughout all parts of the world. Once you determine what it is you wish to see/do you’ll also have a better idea of your stops, and can look into transportation options!

Consider all transport options

Transportation is what I find to be the most overwhelming thing to plan when on a trip. There are tons of options, and I am always looking for the quickest form to get me from place to place in the nick of time! Honestly, throughout my travels I found trains to be the most useful (if available). There are many apps that you can use to determine the best form of transportation for yourself. Apps like Citymapper and Gopili happen to my two of my favourites!

Make a budget

With a rough idea of how long you will be away, you can easily break down daily costs of your trip. It’s best to include room rates, meals, tickets and activities into your pre-planned budget. I always like to have extra funds set aside as a back up – no one ever plans to have bumps in their travel plans, but it is always a possibility!


Seek different accommodations

Hostels, Hotels, Rentals are just a few of the options you can look into when planning a holiday! There are tons of apps that make finding accommodations easier, even if your stuck in a pickle and need last minute bookings. Some apps I’ve personally used and really love include

Hotels Combined – Compares rates for different booking platforms (Like Kayak or Skyscanner)

Couch Surfing – For those who haven’t tried couch surfing, it can sound a bit sketchy – but I can assure you it’s a great experience!

Really Late Booking – Spontaneous change in plans? Use this app to book accommodations for same day/night options!

Tingo – You can automatically receive a reimbursement if your hotel price drops! (Who doesn’t love that idea?)

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