A skincare guide for combination skin

I have combination skin. By combination I mean that my nose and my forehead (the T-Zone) is oily and my cheeks are either normal or dry depending on the weather. And on top of that is my skin very sensitive. I have found it very difficult to deal with this skin type and I know that a lot of teenagers have been struggling with it too. Here are some of the tips and tricks I have learned about dealing with combination skin and some of my favorite products:


Use different products for the different areas of your face

One of the biggest mistakes when my face first stared getting oily in the T-zone was to continue using the same products for the whole face. My face was already pretty dry so make them smooth did I only use oil filled moisturisers that made me skin break out in the T-zone. Then to get rid of the oil did I only use products that was means to get rid of oil and I did not moisturise at all which made the skin on my cheeks and jawline very dry.

The best moisturisers

One big mistake I made when I wanted to get rid of the oily skin was to stop moisturising because your skin still needs moisture when it is oily you just have to get a moisturiser that is made for oily skin. One of my favorites is Counter balance oil control from Ole Henriksen. For my cheeks have I been loving Skin food from weleda. This product os extremely moisturising which my skin have needed after a cold winter and spring. Instead of a night cream have I liked to use the Arganoil from Sard Kopenhagen but only on my cheeks since my forehead and nose would break out if I used it there.

The best face cleanser

I know that I said before that you shouldn’t use the same products for every area of your face however this doesn’t count for cleansers because you can just use the same cleanser for the whole face. One of my favorites is Zero oil from Origins. This cleanser is oil free and made for acne/oily skin.



 The best face masks

For face masks I like to use use a deep cleansing mask, like clear improvement from Origins, on my T-zone and another on my cheeks. If you have very dry skin on your cheeks can you use a deep moisturising face mask but I like to use this multi vitamin facial mask from Tromborg. This face mask isn’t necessary  for dry skin. It has a lot of benefits where one of them is to moisturising but it isn’t its main purpose so if you have very dry skin on your cheeks will I recommend using another one.


The best toners

Toner is another product that I like to use on the whole face. Since I use a toner both in the morning and at night have I chosen to use a toner made for oily skin in the morning, like this Balancing force from Ole Henriksen,  and a regular one at night. I really like to use this facial mist from Rudolph because it leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Don’t forget to exfoliate

Exfoliating is a must for every skin type but especially for oily and combination skin because all of the dead skin cells is blocking the pores witch makes the skin even more oily. You can either make your own face scrub using brown sugar and olive oil or you can buy a face scrub. I really like this face scrub from Rudolph because it both is a scrub and a cleansing mask.

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