A vegans guide to food in Copenhagen

Finding vegan food while traveling can sometimes be a struggle and especially in a city like Copenhagen where veganism isn’t that big yet. That is why I have made a guide to all my favorite vegan places or places with vegan options in Copenhagen in the different areas so you are sure that you will be able to find something no matter where in Copenhagen you are staying.



When people talk about a vegan restaurant in Denmark this is the place that they are talking about. Their menu includes a vegan brunch menu with quinoa pancakes, avocado toast, and cashew yogurt. Other items on the menu include salads, burgers and a pizza. My personal favorite is, without doubt, their Viking salad but other mentionable items are their overnight oats and their pancake stack. This is a place that vegans, as well as meat eaters, will enjoy eating and being a tourist there is no problem since the menu is in English and most of the waiters don’t even speak Danish.


Letz sushi

I know that there is a lot of sushi options on this list but what can I say? I love sushi. Letz sushi’s focus is on creating sustainable sushi and they even have a whole sushi menu. I know that this might be normal in other countries but since veganism isn’t that big in Denmark yet this makes this sushi place different from others.





Torvehallerne is a food marked with tons of vegan options. Just keep in mind that there are two buildings where one of them is filled with meat and vegetables and the other one has all the fruit and vegetables along with small cafes including retreat, fresh market vita boost. Some of these places also serve meat but they have a lot of vegan options.



Grød means porridge in English which fits this restaurant perfectly since the only things that they serve is porridge. But not just your regular porridge. For breakfast, you can either chose a menu or your can chose your base porridge and some toppings. Items on the lunch/dinner menu include daal and a salad. This place is not specifically vegan but they have a lot of vegan options.



Looking for vegan ice cream in Copenhagen? Banana is located inside Torvehallerne and has all-vegan ice cream based on bananas. You can get classic flavors like chocolate and strawberry but also different ones like avocado/chocolate. The ice creams are only sweetened with bananas and dates and all the products are organic.

Sticks and sushi

Are you a vegan sushi lover? Don’t worry sticks and sushi has a lot of different options including seaweed salad, veggie rolls and they even have a whole vegan menu called “greenkeeper”.



Plant Power Food

Looking for an all-vegan restaurant on Nørrebro? Well, Plant Power Food is a good choice. Their menu includes a brunch menu, sandwiches and they even got healthy desserts. This is definitely a good choice if you want some healthy vegan food while in Copenhagen.


Cafe Kaf

Treat yourself with some of the delicious, vegan cakes from Cafe kaf. They even got vegan cheesecakes with flavors like Oreo, passionfruit, and “skildpadde” (caramel and brownie).




With the hot weather we have had in Copenhagen lately nicecreams have been essential. The nicecream from this place is coconut based and you can get a ton of different flavors including brownie, bounty and peanut butter. They also have a lot of different bowl options (like an acai bowl) with flavors like passionfruit/mango, tahini/nuts and if you have had stomach issues you can even get one that is made to make your guts feel better. These are all sweetened with either fruits or coconut sugar so no need to feel guilty afterward.


Tivoli Food Hall

Are you going to Tivoli but are worried about finding vegan food in there? Don’t worry, Tivoli food hall got you. This one is another food market type of style with a lot of different vegan options. You can get a vegan salad bowl at Glò, try the vegan sushi rolls from Letz sushi or grab a chia pudding from Retreat-


Indre by

42 raw

Don’t be fooled by the name, they also serve hot food and they have the best burgers! Other items on the menu include a brunch menu, a blue spirulina bowl, and pancakes. Since the cafe is really small I will recommend taking it to go and eating it inside “Kongens have”. You can even buy some of their healthy treats or juices as a dessert.


Simple raw

If you are going for raw food I will definitely recommend this one over 42raw since they have a lot more raw options. All the food is either vegan or vegetarian (their bread contains honey). My personal favorite is the curry bowl but I am also a big fan of their juices. Other items on the menu are rice paper rolls, burgers and raw cakes.


Hope bar

Hope bar does not have the biggest food selection but the food that they do have is delicious. The menu includes a few salad bowls, a vegan burger, and an acai bowl.

Glò food

Glò offers a ton of different breakfast bowls along with salad bowls but my favorite got to be their spinach lasagna. This is honestly the best lasagne that I have had in my life. I am also a very big fan of their Asian bowl. As for dessert, you can treat yourself with some of their healthier raw treats including brownies and sneakers.



The Organic Boho

Let me be honest here: the locations isn’t the best. It is a very small cafe right out to a big road with a lot of noise. Luckily it is pretty close to the coziest harbor so you can always take your food to go. Here you can get the prettiest rainbow brunch menu with matcha pancakes, an acai bowl and sweet potato fries. If you aren’t feeling that hungry you can always get one of their breakfast bowls, salads or wraps. You can even get rainbow lattes.


This is another food market located on the island “refhaleøen”. This place does not only serve vegan food but there is a lot of different options that you don’t find anywhere else in Copenhagen. When I went there I got a vegan blue taco with cactus filling. I have never seen that anywhere else in the world. Even though Reffen is mainly about the food they also have a few stores that are focusing on sustainability and design.


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