Los Angeles based fashion brands that you need to shop

Hey Guys, long time no see. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am in LA at the moment which is the reason that I haven’t been that active on the blog lately (the internet on my hotel is THE WORST). Anyways before going to LA I made a list of Los Angeles based fashion brands that I had to check out when I arrived and I must say that I certainly didn’t get disappointed. Here are my 4 favorite Los Angeles based brands that you have to check out if you are in LA:



This brand is my absolute favorite one of all of these. Not only are they making the cutest dresses (and other clothing pieces) they are all completely sustainable. I have been wanting one ever since I saw Aimee Song wearing one for almost a year ago and since then I have seen a ton of other bloggers wearing some of their pieces. This brand is not only my favorite LA-based brans but my favorite brand in general and I would love to wear every single one of their pieces.

Shop my favorites from Reformation:



Christy Dawn:

 Christy Dawn

Here we have another sustainable option. Christy Dawn make the cutest dresses that reminds me of the ones from Reformation which can never be a bad thing since I am obsessed with Reformation.

Shop my favorites from Christy Dawn:



If you are in LA and on the look out for some new jewlerry you have to check out Amature. They both make some completely different and unique jewlerry pieces (which is my favorites) but also some more simple ones.

Shop my favorites from Amature:


Nasty Gal

After watching Girlboss on Netflix I knew that I had to check out this brand when I arrived in LA and they did not let me down at all. Their products are super affordable so if you are on a budget but like clothes to have an interesting history (which you will know that Nastygal has if you have watched Girlboss) this is the brand for you!

Shop my favorites from Nasty Gal:


Which of the brands are your favorites? And do you know any other Los Angeles based brands that I should check out?

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