Layer your necklaces like a true fashionista

Learning how to master layered necklaces can be a bit tricky. You guys should know how much time I have used trying to make my layered necklaces look unique without making them look like a big mess. But I have learned along the way and I have found some combinations that work for me.

One necklace trend that I have been loving recently is a nameplate necklace. It just makes the look so much more personal. The one that I am wearing in the pictures is this one that Onecklace have been so kind and send to me. I will admit that it isn’t my own signature but my sister that has written my name since her handwriting is much prettier than my own. And as cheesy as it may sounds, I also feel like I have her close to my heart every time I am wearing the necklace.

When it comes to layered necklaces am I a big fan of simple combinations like this one. Wear a name necklace and pair it with another small and simple necklace to achieve this look.

This combination would be perfect for a festival. Wear a body chain, a name necklace and finish off the look with a basic chain.

I know that I said earlier that I like simple combinations but sometimes I like to experiment a little more. I think that the key to layering multiple necklaces is to use pendants that are similar in shape like in this look where they all are round.


Yet another simple look with a big round pendant and a smaller one. Again is the trick to use pendants with the same shape and layer them with the biggest one being the longest.

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