What to wear while traveling

I will say that I have had my fair share of trips to airports lately. First I had to travel for 12 hours to LA with a layover in Amsterdam. Then I traveled to New York and now I have to get back to Denmark. Again with a layover in Paris. I think that I have spent more time on transportation the last two weeks than I have used this past year. I have never been a big fan of flying but I know that it is necessary if I want to explore the world. But now that I have had to travel so much I have done my best to be as comfortable as possible by following these tips:

Bring a light jacket

Airplanes tend to get a little chilly so always bring a light jacket so you won’t get cold. There is nothing worse than getting sick when you are on vacation so you might as well prevent that by bringing a jacket or a hoodie.


Wear comfortable shoes

You might have just brought a new pair of Chanel heels that you want to show to the world but the airport is not the place for that. You never know if you have to go from terminal to terminal so pack your heel in your luggage so you can wear them to a nice dinner at your travel destination instead of wearing them to the airport. Your feet will thank you.



Remeber sunglasses

Let’s me be honest with you guys. I never wear any makeup when I am traveling. Both because I feel that I could spend my time much better especially if I am traveling early in the morning I would much rather sleep for a little longer than wake up and do my makeup. Also, makeup isn’t the most comfortable thing to be wearing if you are trying to get comfortable on a plane. This also means that you don’t have to worry about your makeup getting messed up if you fall asleep. Another reason that I don’t wear makeup is that I want to irritate my skin as little as possible. I mean the dry air in the plane already does a good job at drying out the skin so you might as well stress it as little as possible. So instead I like to wear a pair of sunglasses to look less tired.


Go for a ponytail

Again who has time to wake up and style their hair before traveling just to get it messed up when you are trying to get comfortable. I like to just go for a messy bun or a ponytail when I am traveling.


Forget about accessories

I think that we all have tried to be next in line at the security behind some woman (or man) that are wearing way too many accessories. It is the worst when you have to wait for someone to take all of their accessories off to get them scanned. And it must also be so annoying for themselves. So do yourself and others that favor and don’t wear any unnecessary accessories.

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