Fashion around the world

I don’t know about you guys but when I am on holiday I try to blend in with the locals. Not because I don’t want to look like a tourist but because I like to play around with different trends. I know that not all people in one country or city are wearing the same things. I have just used some of the trends that each city is known for and trends that I think of when I think about each city. Here is some inspiration if you are like me and wants to try out different trends while you are on holiday:

New York

Going to the big apple? Get ready to wear lots and lots of black. Finish off your outfit with a statement accessories like these heart-shaped sunnies.


Paris is the fashion capital of the world and without a doubt my favorite one of these. Get the Parisian look with neutral colors, lots of stripes, your favorite pumps and of course a little black dress. Top off your outfit with a cute baret.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a little more tricky. On one hand is the beachy boho-inspired look with a cute dress. On the other hand is the comfy city-vibe outfit. But one thing is for sure: you should be wearing lots of denim. LA is also the place where you can wear your sportswear out on the street. Finish the look with your favorite sunnies.


A city filled with color and the clothes is no different. Pastels in particular. People in Tokyo like to go for the school-girl inspired look with checks and knee socks. For shoes, they usually go for platform shoes. And lastly, we can not forget about the kimono.


Are you guys going on a holiday this summer?

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