Into the woods

My teacher once told me a story about a Swedish doctor. He was known for his incredible abilities to cure stress. When he was asked what he did his answer was simple: he just asked his patients to go for a walk in the woods at least 3 times a week. After stressing about my exams I decided to test out his method and I must say that it worked. Already after doing it once, I could already feel that I was so much more relaxed. Isn’t it incredible how nature can affect us?

For my outfit, I decided that a neutral outfit would be the best for the occasion. Both because it would fit in the best with the surroundings but also because I after all went to the woods to de-stress and let’s be honest, colors isn’t the best for that.

I picked this blouse because I felt like it had a boho kind of vibe over it, with the open shoulders, which I thought fitted in perfectly with the de-stress theme.

It wasn’t hard to choose which bag I wanted to wear. I mean which other bag would be better to wear to the woods that a woven bag? And as always I wore my converse.

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