September Kickstart – Motivational Reads

Ah, September!

One of my favourite months has arrived, and although I may not be going back to school I always tend to look at September as a time to reflect and re-evaluate my goals for the year. I have a confession to make.. yes a confession. You heard it here – I am fully addicted to what may be described as “self help books”. What can I say!? I love learning new tools to help me keep a positive mindset. Every so often I find myself veering off course and when I do, I turn too a good read to keep me in check (and a glass of wine, but whose keeping track?) Though they vary in subject, here are some inspirational reads to help you get through the daily bull – reading never felt so good!

If you have yet to read a book by Gabby Bernstein, I urge you to pick on up! Her latest book “The Universe Has Your Back” is full of stories and lessons that teach readers how to transform their every day fears into faith. The main message stems to help readers relinquish the need for control, which in turn leads to over all freedom of the mind. Her lessons are extremely simple and can be used through daily challenges that may arise. With the meditation, affirmations and techniques in this book, I’ve definitely  been able to adapt some of her practices and use them on the daily.

Getting out of your comfort zone is not only awkward, but extremely daunting. “Reach” by Andy Molinsky is backed up with research and theories as to why people who work to get out of their comfort zone, often tend to enjoy the process. He believes their are five key challenges underlying our avoidance tendencies: authenticity, competence, resentment, likeability and morality and once these challenges are confronted, magical things can happen! This read is perfect for anyone looking to push themselves through uncomfortable situations, personally or professionally.

Procrastinators, listen up! Known as the ultimate guide to productivity, Chris Bailey’s book “The Productivity Project” is the perfect read for anyone looking for tools to keep focused and remain productive (can I say that word one more time?) Chris Bailey dedicated a full year to experimenting different techniques to find the most effective ways to stay on course. Each chapter is accompanied by a challenge which makes it really easy to implement what you read into your daily routine.

Getting ahead in your career can be very difficult if you do not have any idea on how to make things happen. “From Receptionist to Boss” by Nicole Smart is a book that can literally benefit anyone wanting to achieve their professional goals. Full of useful advice, this book also details Nicole’s personal journey and how she made things happen for herself in an unconventional way!


Who doesn’t want to know insider secrets from one of fashions best? One of my personal favourites – “Leave Your Mark” by Aliza Licht details  how Licht not only became the voice behind the popular twitter account, DKNY PR GIRL, but also achieved professional and personal success after dropping out of medical school. This book is packed with life and career inspiration that will kick you into gear right away!

Calling all you people looking to start a blog, or who are new to the blogging world! “Blog Inc.” by Joy Cho will be your blogging bible. Joy’s book breaks down the ins and outs of the blogging world, what you need to create a successful blog, and the steps to follow for success! An easy read, this book will teach you the tools to kick start your blogging career.

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