Make your own cookbook for mother’s day

The day that every mother is looking forward to is just around the corner: mother’s day. This is the day that we celebrate the most important woman in our lives and everything that she is doing for us. A occasion like this deserves a very special gift. Instead of buying a gift for my mother I like to make her something personal and this year will I be giving her a cookbook of all of my favorite recipes. My mother is not vegan herself but this year has she really started giving vegan food a change so I thought that this was the perfect gift for her.

To make it more personal I wrote down all the recipes by myself (the recipes is in danish because that is the language that she speaks) and decorated them. I also added the different categories on the side of the book to make it easier to navigate.

If you don’t have a gift for mother’s day yet and your mother likes to cook can I recommend making a cookbook. The only things that you will need is a briefcase, paper, markers and a punch. It is up to you how much time you want to use decorating or if you want to decorate it at all. It is so easy and simple and it guarantees a lot of quality time with your mother while you cook some of the recipes together.

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